Spring Ball

The annual Spring Ball is the final large and formal event held by the battalion before summer break and the end of the spring semester.

Typically located in the beautiful Memorial Union building during the end of May, we invite family, friends, and acquaintances to join us in celebration of the accomplishments of the battalion in the past year. Several prestigious awards are presented from the UW NROTC Alumni Association and other supporting organizations.

Following the awards presentation a few words are said by the Guest of Honor, normally a veteran of the Navy or Marine Corps, or University Faculty. They each provide us with unique insights, stories, and guidance which can be applied to the battalion members’ respective future careers.

After a formal dinner the battalion members and their guests enjoy a night of socializing and dancing.  A DJ is hired each year to ensure that the music played is to the utmost enjoyment of the battalion, covering a wide array of genres that are professionally selected.