Sailing Team

Sailing Team

Midshipmen of the UW NROTC earn their title as sailors by learning how to sail with the UW Hoofers Sailing Club (HSC) on Lake Mendota.  Midshipmen are required to earn their “Skipper B” rating in order to graduate, so they join HSC, one of the UW’s outdoor groups and the second largest inland sailing club in the country. There, they learn to sail a small dinghy called a Tech, the university’s classic training boat. Once Midshipmen earn their rating, they are allowed to sail Techs at their leisure and compete in friendly, weekly races with HSC.  Sailors can also continue their training achieve their rating on the NROTC Sailing Team boat, the Laser.

The Laser rating qualifies Midshipmen to participate in the NROTC sailing regattas and opens the door to faster sailboat racing.  In addition to the sailing regattas with HSC, sailors can compete at the regatta hosted at the UW's own Fall Invite.  The team also travels to at least one drill meet in the Spring semester.  Recently, the team has traveled to Boulder, Colorado to compete.

Join HSC and the NROTC sailing team to enjoy the Capital city from a new perspective!

Sailig Team

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    Colorado Spring Laser Regatta 2011