Rifle/Pistol Team

The NROTC Rifle and Pistol Teams shoot 22-cal. target rifles and pistols in competition. 

Each team is made up of four members who shoot three times in a round. Each round tests a shooter’s skill with his/her weapon, as well as the ability to keep cool under the pressure. The first round of the pistol competition is the slow-fire round. In this round, shooters have five minutes to fire ten shots. This tests a shooter’s ability to put each round on target with consistency and accuracy.  The next round is the timed round, where shooters have 20 seconds to fire another ten shots. The third and final round is rapid-fire. In this round, shooters have ten seconds to again fire ten shots. These last two rounds test a shooter’s accuracy under pressure and a time limit.

 The rifle team does not shoot in rounds, but rather in three different positions (prone, kneeling, and standing). Shooters have 50 minutes to fire a total of 30 rounds at three different targets, which correspond to the three shooting positions. This type of competition tests a shooter’s ability with his/her rifle, as well as physical endurance in holding the weapon up. 

 Each team requires skill, perseverance, and dedication when training.  You must practice hard in order to master the handling of your prospective firearm.  The UW NROTC team is looking for Midshipmen with a desire to learn a valuable skill that will help them later in a career as an officer in the Navy or Marine Corps.  If you want to better yourself, have high personal goals, and like competing at the national level, we have a rifle or pistol waiting for you.