Fall Invitational

Each fall, the University of Wisconsin NROTC battalion hosts its annual Fall Invitational Drill Meet. NROTC units from around the country attend the Invitational hoping to prove their unit’s excellence and ability.  2016 events include: Squad and Platoon Drill, Color Guard, Urban Adventure Race, Rifle, Pistol, Track Competition and Basketball Tournament.

The Fall Invitational will be held 07-08 October 2016.

Forms are located here: Official Entry Form, School RosterLegal Form, Platoon Drill Card, Squad Drill CardColor Guard Drill Card, Information PacketAssumption of Risk.

On the drill deck, teams are able to show off their discipline and attention-to-detail in the Squad Drill, Platoon Drill, and Color Guard.

The Urban Adventure Race, which boasts a grueling 13-plus mile course around the beautiful campus of UW-Madison, typically includes carrying a 50 lb. pack over half of the course as well as competing in numerous physical activities along the way, such as rope climbing, bear crawls, and push-ups.

At the range, teams test their accuracy and precision as they compete in the rifle and pistol competitions.

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    Midshipmen running up Bascom Hill