Drill Team

The University of Wisconsin Naval ROTC Drill team incorporates all aspects of the Marine Corps purpose of drill to train future officers of the Navy and Marine Corps. The drill team instills discipline and confidence by practicing precision and automatic response to drill command.  Every Midshipman is proficient with the simple orders which are used to assemble and control formations in a standard, orderly manner.

The Drill Team strives for perfection.  The team's dedication yields competition results which are consistently among the best in the country.  During October 2014, the University of Wisconsin hosted its annual Drill Meet in which seven Naval ROTC units participated. Due to our dedication and determination, the UW NROTC Drill Team placed Second!

The Drill Team is comprised of members ranging from freshman to seniors. Those motivated, mature Midshipmen who have displayed discipline, confidence and precision are accepted as part of the team. Members of the UW NROTC Drill Team display hard work, dedication, determination to succeed, as well as discipline and obedience to orders.  Members of the Drill Team dedicate themselves to a purpose higher than what they can individually achieve.


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