Battalion Mascot

An English Bulldog formally from Sunny, California, Raider is the proud companion of one of our AMOI, Staff Sergeant Olivas. Since the summer of 2014 Raider has humbly accepted his duties as mascot and as a representative of the UW Madison NROTC Unit. Raider enjoys accompanying the UW NROTC’s Drill Team to events and competitions as well as spending quality time with the Battalion at the Unit.

Raider’s name is in honor of the Marine Raiders. The Marine Raiders were elite Marine Corps units established during World War II. The Marine Raiders were created by the President of the United States as a counterpart to the British Commandos. The Raiders were an “Elite force within an Elite force” and eventually stirred up resentment within the Corps that led to the abandonment of the project. All four Raider battalions were disbanded on the 8th of January 1944.

In 2007 a new regiment was formed, The Marines Special Operations Regiment (MSOR) which is the main combatant component of the Marine Corps Special Operations Command (MARSOC). The MARSOC operations include deployments to Afghanistan and joint operations with Navy SEALs. MSOR was nicknamed the Marine Raiders in commemoration of and to honor their World War II counterpart’s legacy.

Marine units across the Corps have mascots, usually bulldogs, the most famous of which represent the enlisted training installations. Since 1922, the United States Marine Corps has used Bulldogs as its mascots. U.S. Marine Major General Smedley Butler introduced the first Marine mascot, named "Private Jiggs" who lived at the Marine Barracks in Quantico, VA. Raider is a proud member of this long line of history.